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La Grotte Chauvet

La Grotte Chauvet en Ardèche - an artistic heritage from prehistoric times

In 1994, near the natural arch of the Pont d'Arc in the Gorges de l'Ardèche, three amateur speleologists venture into a cave not yet listed in which they recognize prehistoric drawings on the walls. They immediately come out, hide the entrance and contact the services concerned. They are the "inventors" of the Grotte Chauvet, named after one of the discoverers, Jean-Marie Chauvet with his companions Eliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire. It is an exceptional discovery, a unique jewel of art that comes to us from Prehistory, since Upper Paleolithic, at least 36,000 years ago.

These are many of the first art forms that come to us from the depths of time, contemplating these paintings, these men so far away suddenly seem close to us, as if they had just left this place. They planned their gesture, used the shape, consistency and relief of the support, they thought about the staging using perspective, and finally they drew a firm line on the animals' silhouettes. The cave closed again 21,000 years ago, a landslide sealed its entrance and its preserved contents have survived to this day.

Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche

The original Chauvet Grotto is closed to the public to reserve this unique and fragile place, only scientists can access it. A copy of the cave was built a few kilometres further on the Razal plateau, overlooking the town of Vallon Pont d'Arc, and is called "Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche". Using 3D digitization techniques, concrete and resin, artists using the same varied techniques - red hematite powder, flint engraving, charcoal drawings - have reproduced as closely as possible to the original the original engravings and paintings of our ancestors. The result is amazing. This treasure of humanity is accessible to all under optimal conditions.

The site was inaugurated in April 2015 under the name "La Caverne du Pont de l'Arc", such a success that in less than two years, one million visitors have already visited it. The Aurignacian Gallery offers life-size reconstructions of the fauna - cave bears, panthers, cave lions, megacetros deer over 2 metres at the garot, mammoths - and the men who occupied the area, and didactic explanations on the life of our ancestors. Many activities are also available.

Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche Grotte Chauvet 2 - Ardèche

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Site web de la Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche : www.grottechauvet2ardeche.com

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GPS coordinates N 44°25'12'' - E 4°54'28''

Situation : 6 km from Vallon Pont d'Arc, 17 km from Barjac, 28 km from Aiguèze, 33 km from Viviers, 60 km from Orange, 30 km from Orange, 83 km from Avignon

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