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Lussan, one of France's most beautiful village

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Stroll in the village of Lussan

Lussan is located north of Uzes on the road to Barjac. Impossible not to notice the village where the road comes close. Lussan is perched on a narrow limestone plateau, protected by walls, as a motionless sentinel watching all the surrounding countryside: beautiful landscape of fields, woods and scrubland dotted with hamlets, with the Ceze valley to the north and Mount Bouquet to the west, while the summit of Mont Ventoux emerge far over the hills to the east.

Only one road leads to the village, protected by a medieval 15th century haughty castle, which houses now the Town Hall. An earlier castle stood a hundred yards north of the village, which it remains only a few walls and a solitary well. The name of Lussan comes from Gallo-Roman name Lucius, a former owner of the village. A large menhir on the territory of the commune (5.6 m) attests to the presence of man since the earliest times.


Lussan is a Protestant village, its inhabitants have suffered Wars of Camisards after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. The Protestant church was destroyed, the people then gathered in the desert. A battle was fought at the foot of Lussan between the dragons of king and camisards led by Jean Cavalier. The temple was rebuilt in the early 19th century.

The village with old stone houses is quiet and peaceful. Lussan however, was a center of silk production in the 19th century there were three mills in the village had 1600 inhabitants.


Lussan is the birthplace of Gide family. At the foot of the village, along the road Barjac a beautiful castle of the medieval profile(16th century), the Château de Fan. The castle was bought by Theophile Gide, the great grandfather of the famous writer André Gide, price Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947. The castle acquired by the town in 1920 was a police station until 1980. The name of the castle "Fan" comes from the nearby source where there was a Gallo-Roman temple (Fanum) dedicated to the nymphs. A statue was found in this area, it is located in the hall of City Hall.

Northeast of the village is the natural site Concluses, narrow and spectacular gorge formed by the Aiguillon river intermittent courses (dry in summer).

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Lussan's official website : www.mairie-lussan.fr

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GPS coordinates N 44°09'09'' - E 4°21'57''

The town of Lussan is in the north of the Gard between Uzes and Barjac.

Lussan location : altitude 280 metres above see level, 950 inhabitants, 6 miles from Saint-Laurent-la-Vernède, 7 miles from Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, 10 miles from Goudargues, 11 miles from Uzès, 14 miles from Barjac, 19 miles from the Pont du Gard, 25 miles from Nîmes, 29 miles from Avignon

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