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Grignan village in Provencal Drome

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Grignan © VF

Grignan, visit of the village

Grignan © VFGrignan © VF

Grignan looks great, built on a steep hill and crowned by a magnificent Renaissance castle. Grignan has retained its medieval appearance. The village houses are wound in tight rows around the hill below the castle. Grignan regularly in magazines happens when the summer season: the lavender fields that extend nonchalantly at his feet and outstanding aesthetics are a symbol of the Provencal Drôme.

marquise de Sévignée

Traces of Roman occupation have been found in the place, but the history of the town does really begin in the middle ages, when the family of Adhemar de Monteil, lords of Montelimar, acquired the barony of Grignan, later erected in County . The ancestor of this illustrious family took part in the crusades and his descendants occupied high positions such as Count Adhemar de Grignan, Governor of Provence under François 1st, and François de Castellane-Adhemar d'Ornano, lieutenant-general of Provence for the King Louis XIV, a very preestigious charge in the kingdom of France.

Literature has made Grignan's reputation. In the castle died the Marquise de Sevigne, whose correspondence with her daughter married with the Count de Grignan, is a masterpiece of French literature . Since 1996, a Festival of Correspondence is organized annually at the beginning of July, it brings together writers, actors, artists and demanding audience.

Grignan © VFGrignan © VF

The "mail" is a large shady plane trees at the foot of the village, where it was met in the castle to have fun and play at the mall, a popular game in the 17th century. At the entrance, a laundry and topped by an elegant neo-classical building with columns reminiscent of a Greek temple. It is actually built in the 19th century.

A stroll in the streets of the village is very nice, the village has been skilfully restored, it breathes tranquility and the lifestyle that visitors are eager to find in Provence. The old walls still surround the medieval town, which has a 14th century bell tower topped with a brand entry. Some houses date from the late Middle Ages.

The Collegiate or Church of St. Sauveur is located below the terrace of the castle, it keeps the tomb of the family of Adhemar and the Marquise de Sevigne. His organ from the 17th century are remarkable and concerts are held regularly.

The Château de Grignan

The Château de Grignan is one of the most remarkable castle of Provence. Built in Renaissance style, it stands on a wide platform on top of the isolated hill, so it offers a wonderful area on the circular panorama, very appreciated by the Marquise de Sevigne. We see at the foot of the castle tile roofs of the village houses, the "Garden Sevigne," an original work of visual artist Grignan réalissée for the tercentenary of the death of the Marquise de Sevigne in 1996.

Château de Grignan © VF

The castle originaly dates from the 12th century, then it is an austere feudal fortress, as the region has many in the Middle Ages. It is built by Adhemar de Monteil, a powerful regional family. The castle was completely overhauled by Louis Adhemar between 1545 and 1548 into a stately home: There a new breakthrough window facade, flanked by two corner towers, a large terrace and gardens.

The Church of St. Saviour is located below the terrace of the castle, it contains the tomb of the family of Adhemar and the Marquise de Sevigne. His organ from the 17th century is remarkable and concerts are held regularly.

The Chateau de Grignan, considered a symbol of feudal oppression of the old regime is heavily damaged and vandalized during the Revolution. Marie Fontaine bought the ruins in 1912, she restored and rebuilt following exactly original plans. The General Council of the Drômedepartment finally acquired in 1979. The night of the Chateau de Grignan Holidays are held each summer, a show is played in the courtyard, recalling the splendor of the era of the Marquise de Sevigne

Château de Grignan

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GPS coordinates N 44°25'12'' - E 4°54'28''

Location : altitude 200 metres, 1500 inhabitants, 5 miles from Richerenches, 6 miles from Valréas, 14 miles from Nyons, 15 miles from Montélimar, 18 miles from Orange, 45 miles from Avignon

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